Local lawmakers expressed their opposition to Governor Walz' proposed gas tax increase during the Legislative Review Show on KWLM last weekend.

Representatives Dave Baker and Tim Miller were unhappy not only with the 20 cent per gallon gas tax increase proposed by the governor, but also with Walz' plan to take sales tax money on car rentals and auto repairs which currently goes to roads and bridges and putting it in the general fund.

Miller says the gas tax increase would not help local and township roads, just state highways. Senator Andrew Lang says he's disturbed by an inflator in the bill which would automatically increase the gas tax in the future.

Representative Dean Urdahl says a gas tax increase is not necessary, and roads and bridges already have dedicated funding sources from the previously mentioned sales taxes and scratch-off state lottery ticket money, and bonding money can be used for road and bridge projects. Urdahl says the gas tax will become less of a reliable source of funding for transportation projects in the future.